Redmine Char Plugin

Added by Deepak Khare over 9 years ago

Hello Everybody,

I have downloaded and installed RubyStack 2.0-3 from Bitnami and configured Redmine 0.9.3-0 module on the same.

After successful installation of redmine, we tried to configure plugin of redmine charts from - But we were not able to configure same. Anybody can help, please let us know.

Same thisng was configured with redmine 0.8.4 version.

Thanks in advance,

Deepak Khare

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RE: Redmine Char Plugin - Added by Alberto Perez over 9 years ago

I have the plugin installed with version 0.9.4

  • go to ruby console /opt/rubyrtack2.0-3/rubyconsole
  • download plugin from git
  • download open flash chart plugin (./script/plugin install git://
  • copy this two folders to /opt/rubyrtack2.0-3/apps/redmine/vendor/plugins
  • from redmine directory
  • migrate plugins rake db:migrate:plugins RAILS_ENV=producion
  • generate chart data rake charts:migrate RAILS_ENV=production