Adding a "report" view of an issue

Added by Hal Glenn almost 2 years ago

Hello all,

I have been looking how to make a "report" out of an issue. In the case I'm thinking about we have a lot of data and discussion in the issue, but we also want to make a streamlined view of that data for a different group. I was thinking we could add a set of XML style tags around the information that we would want in the summery report printed to PDF vs the main issue which has all the conversations, and work logs etc.

It really is a subset view of an issue. I was thinking maybe it could be added as a parser that processes the issue on the way to the PDF generator, maybe called through an added print icon at the bottom of the issue.

Is there something else I should call this or a different approach one can think of. The way I'm envisioning it, it does not "flow" well with normal redmine stuff so it would never be a core feature. Can anybody think of a different way to present this that does not involve double entry of the data?

Basically I want a report generator that can cherry pick key items / tags from an issue and generate a stylized report of that data.