Grid-like custom field

Added by Leonardo Ramé about 1 year ago

Hi, I would like to know if there's a way to add a custom field containing an editable grid.

I need to create this

Drive | Free Space
Disk C|
Disk D|
.... |
Disk N|

With one fixed row containing some items and one (or more) editable columns.

If not possible, I'd like to know how can I handle this situation. I need to create a recurring task to let register some data from a server, like Disk Space, for example. I don't want to create pre-fixed custom fields, one for each drive, because the drive list varies from server to server (we need to monitor a bunch).

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RE: Grid-like custom field - Added by Bernhard Rohloff about 1 year ago

There is no custom table field in Redmine at the moment.
Do you plan to do it by hand or by an automatic, script based fashion?
Redmine is able to render tables in the text fields (with formatting enabled) so you could use one to write a table in it.

You can read about it in the documentation about Textile Formatting (works slightly different with markdown)

Just to spoiler a bit...

|_.Drive |_.Free Space |
| Disk C | 1234 kB     |
| Disk D | 0 kB        |
| Disk N | 1234 GB     |

results into...

Drive Free Space
Disk C 1234 kB
Disk D 0 kB
Disk N 1234 GB

So this tables can be written in the comments as usual, or in a custom text field and they work nicely with the REST Api for a script based solution.