Your opinion on the quality undertaking management and version manage combo for a startup.

Added by Ashish Gada 9 months ago

hello oldsters,

The challenge is a SaaS all running on Linux machines. currently there are approximately 3 devs and a gadget engineer however at the moment they are loose-balling it and now not the use of any model manage (shudder). i wonder what software program aggregate you would advocate for undertaking management and model manipulate. we're at the point now in which goals and dependancies are beginning to branch and assignment management is turning into essential.

My concept would be something like:

assignment control: Trello (although I checked out OpenProject) and

version manage: gitea (the usage of web hooks to a secondary backup gitea instance)

i would decide upon open-source of course but a unfastened tier with enhancements later is good enough too. Are there mission management answers which have git repos built in? Or are there git offerings that offer lightweight venture control which have a decent loose tier?