Problem with mylyn, I follow "HowTo connect a Mylyn repository to Redmine" wiki and query result show nothing.

Added by Praphan Theeravanvilai over 9 years ago

My config are
Redmine 0.72, Ruby 1.8.6 on Windows XP SP2
Elipse 3.4, Mylyn 3.0 with Web Template Conector.
My project is 'Compiler'
Server: http://localhost:3000
Task URL: ${serverUrl}/issues/show/
New task URL: ${serverUrl}/projects/compiler/issues/new
Query request URL: ${serverUrl}/issues [GET]
Query pattern: <td class="subject">.*?<a href="/issues/show/(\d+)">(.+?)</a></td>
Login request URL: ${serverUrl}/login?username=${userId}&password=${password} [POST]
When I add the query, I check by click OPEN button in Advanced Configuration, it's show correct page.
If I save the page source and search in my editor with regular expression, it's found.
When I click preview, it shows 'No matching results. Check query regexp', same when I close which show nothing.
Please help
Thanks in advanced