Redmine template available for repair ticketing system - ready to use?

Added by firma ansonic about 1 year ago

new to Redmine I see it's a powerful toolset, but almost empty when using from scratch.
I want to replace an ancient repair ticketing system by something modern, but without digging days into the setup of a new tool.
I wonder if this hasn't been done already and if I could share whatever framework is avalable.
Some key characteristics (purpose is to document and guide the repair flow of electronic parts (customer complains) through our company)

a. need to add all kind of fields (text, numbers) in the design of ticket entry mask
b. must/can fields definable
c. assignment of a ticket to a role
d. tracking of processing time
e. automatic escalation if completion not done within certain time frame
f. handy usage

Any hints welcome; if necessary I would also use a commercial solution (if not cloud based and NOT on a monthly fee).