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Added by Martina Adler 12 months ago


is it possible to mask / fade-out the activity page on a role-level?

Meaning this section is only visible by some people with an appropriate role.
And the rest of employees can't see the activity within a project.


We use Redmine version 3.4.2

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RE: Activity page - Added by Martina Adler 11 months ago

Any ideas?
We would need this feature cause of the new GDPR.

In addition, we would like to mask / fade-out the personal information of each user, like "last time logged-in", "member of which projects" and "number of assigned tickets"

Many thanks for your ideas.

RE: Activity page - Added by Bernhard Rohloff 11 months ago

Hi Martina,

you can't hide the activity tab for specific roles without touching the code base or installing a custom plugin.
I also don't think this should be necessary if you get your roles and permissions set up correctly as the activity tab only shows events of modules the user is allowed so see.

It's the same with the user profile. You can modify it by hand or overload the view by a custom plugin to show whatever you like.

There is this Plugin_Tutorial in the wiki where you can find some useful information about creating plugins.

Feel free to ask if you have further questions. Either here or on Discord :-)

Kind regards,


RE: Activity page - Added by Martina Adler 11 months ago

Hi Bernhard,

A custom plugin would be great, if already available.
Meaning I'm not familiar with Ruby on Rail. Not at all. :)
Indeed, I'm responsible for the correct use and configuration of Redmine here, but I can't create own plugins.

Thanks for the Discord-Link. Just logged in.

Kind regards,