Plugin Development - Add new fields

Added by George Hakis over 8 years ago

Hi all,

apologies if this is a stupid question. Basically I am looking to extend the Issue structure to support additional field(s) which need to be captured depending on the Project type (another field I would like to add to Project type).

Currently, I am thinking of extending the issue view pages to handle this functionality via javascript and custom fields but I am guessing this is not the recommended way.

So far, whatever plugin I have seen either extends the Issue class with new methods or wraps existing methods. If anyone can help me or point me to how to go about adding a new field to issues and projects I would appreciate it. (would it also be possible to define enumeration?) This would also help me manage internal and external issues under the same project without needing to create sub-projects (show a checkbox to anyone with security rights to flag as internal issue).

Alternatively I will look at creating custom fields for each and hacking my way through javascript on each page.

(yeap newbie in ROR)