Wiki External Filter plugin 0.0.2 released: videos embedding and more

Added by Alexander Tsvyashchenko over 8 years ago

Main changes in new version:

  • Added support for videos conversion and embedding.
  • Added support for multiple commands per macro: useful for example to generate both thumbnail and converted video from the same input source.
  • Improved SVG compatibility between browsers and added PNG fall-back for SVG displaying in IE when available.
  • In addition to stdout, stderr on command execution is now scanned and reported in the case of error too (requires having 'popen4' library installed).
  • Unified block/inline rendering.
  • Split views to separate files.
  • Added support for using attachments names in macros input.
  • Added support for templates instead of using content_type-based view selection.
  • (applied in earlier commit, but probably deserves mentioning too) Fixed to work with Redmine 0.9.x, thanks to Ilya Paramonov for the patch!

See for full documentation.