The "We do hosting too" plugin

Added by Robert Smith over 8 years ago

While mentioning no names or posts, I can see that there's a definite need for the (provisionally named) "We do hosting too" plugin.

This plugin scans the forums, and whenever it notices a new posting saying something such as "redmine hosting", it posts a followup mentioning your own company's offering in this market.

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RE: The "We do hosting too" plugin - Added by Felix Schäfer over 8 years ago

I am also getting a little tired of this and planned on discussing that on IRC, but here's a good place too. I'd favor some sort of good conduct policy if it gets out of hand too much.

RE: The "We do hosting too" plugin - Added by Muntek Singh over 8 years ago

It is supremely annoying.

I don't have a problem with advertising your redmine service/product/plugin/feature/llame, but there definitely needs to be a "one thread" policy or something similar in place.