Getting filepath from a Webdav location

Added by Benjamin FRAUD about 8 years ago

Hello there!

I'm working on a project using Redmine 0.9.3 and Alfresco Community (DMS), and the big deal is about connecting these two systems, knowing that Alfresco is based on Java.
The task I'm working on right now consists in displaying a file tree that allows the user to get the filepath into the Redmine WYSIWYG editor.
Alfresco Community provides an easy way to access the file explorer through the Webdav protocol (something like http://alfresco/myapp/webdav). Once the file tree is rendered in a window, the user would have the possibility to retrieve the filepath just by clicking on the file.

Well, first question, has anyone done this before on Redmine?

So, I found out, thanks to the Rails forum, that someone developped a plugin for Rails applications, based on jQuery File Tree. So I tried that one of course, but it doesn't seem to work on Redmine (the demo app provided by the author works fine though). After checking with JavaScript Debugger, it appears that the script works fine, but I just can't get access to the directory, even the public/ directory (the Webdav stuff is another part of the problem, for now I would be quite contented if I could at least have access to the public/ directory).

Does anyone know whether redmine somehow prevent access to files by JavaScripts?

And if anyone could find some time to try that plugin, I would be very grateful. The next step would be to add this functionnality to the WYSIWYG editor, probably CKEditor or TinyMCE. Thank you!

The link to the plugin is :

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RE: Getting filepath from a Webdav location - Added by Benjamin FRAUD about 8 years ago

Is nobody interested in this functionnality? Looks valuable though.