Driving plugin development with Cucumber

Added by Bryan Ash almost 10 years ago

My fork of Redmine at: http://github.com/bryan-ash/redmine/tree/master added a -—features option to the redmine_plugin generator. The scaffold includes a feature with steps to check that the plugin is installed and rake tasks to run them.

If you’d like to try it out:

ruby script\generate redmine_plugin --features polls
rake features:plugins:redmine_polls      # runs just the features for the new plugin
rake features:plugins # runs the features for all the plugins
rake features # runs all features

Any thoughts?


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RE: Driving plugin development with Cucumber - Added by Eric Davis almost 10 years ago

That's a good idea. I'm working on a gem to help build plugins. I've found that it's hard to maintain custom Rakefiles for each plugin so I'm trying to put all the common tasks into a gem. Upgrade the gem and you get all the new stuff for free. It's still very alpha but I'll be working on it some over the next few weeks.