Email Connector script

Added by David Radford over 1 year ago

Hello everybody. So I work with a small company who uses an internal-only Redmine server that is configured to use everybody's internal email addresses. All customer facing emails are sent out of one central email address, and each employee has their name appended to the end of the "From" in the sent email. For example, the recipient would see "From: MyCompany | John". This caused a lot of problems for several reasons:

1) When employees email their customers, the Redmine ticket is not updated automatically.
2) When a customer replies, Redmine is not updated.
3) Since all customer emails go through the same email address, there is no way of telling who actually sent the email.

This little script was designed to sit between the external email server, and the internal one and forward emails that contain ticket numbers.

It was originally designed as an in-house tool, so it does require you to roll up your sleeves a little to use it, but I think some people might find it very useful so I'm releasing it to the public.

You can find the project at

Please feel free to contribute if you like, there's always room for improvement and better functionality!