The appended bugs or Tasks for a User story in the Scrum board are getting duplicated

Added by Kirti Kulkarni 12 months ago

Hello Team,

I am new to Redmine Scrum Plug in. We are using Redmine 3.2.7.stable.16828 and Scrum Plugin Version 0.16.2.

When a task or a bug is appended to the User stories, it's observed that there are redundant entries. One is as PBI & another as Task. It confuses the developer team as which task required to be worked upon.

The Leadership is interested in auto-generated status email.

Is there any way to overcome above couple of scenarios?Please guide us.Thanks you in advance!

Is there any video or step by step guide for the scrum Plug in which will ease Scrum Practice. :)

Thanks again,
Kirti K

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