[Request] redmine_watcher_groups plugin for Redmine version "3.4.1.stable"

Added by Balaji Durai 11 months ago

Dear All,

I need install group watcher in the

  Redmine version                3.4.1.stable
  Ruby version                   2.3.3-p222 (2016-11-21) [i386-mingw32]
  Rails version                  4.2.8
  Environment                    production
  Database adapter               Mysql2

I have tried http://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_watcher_groups plugin and its not working 3.4.1.
Also, I have tried http://github.com/nauphone/redmine_watcher_groups and its working fine but I am able to add watchers as group during issue creation only .

Kindly let know me any plugin will support to add group watchers at any part of time.after issue creation.