Debugging redmine with rdebug

Added by Andy Bolstridge almost 8 years ago

Hi. I hope someone can easily help me here.

I'm very new to ruby, but I'm trying to track down an issue using a debugger and so far I just can't start debugging with the correct environment.

Currently I run "rdebug script/server webrick" which seems to get things going, but redmine barfs as soon as it starts with the old access denied error that you get when you forget to specify an environment.

If I specify an environment using -e, rdebug complains.

So, I have exported RAILS_ENV and that seems to do the trick, but now I can't debug - I've read I need to pass in the --debugger switch, but rdebug barfs is I do that.

So, any pointers to getting this going in a debugger?


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RE: Debugging redmine with rdebug - Added by Andy Bolstridge over 7 years ago

it turns out that all the google info is wrong (or for an old version).

running rdebug script/server webrick -d works fine. I don't know what happend to the --debugger option, but don't use it.