Master Slave Project Syncup

Added by BL MA over 5 years ago

Looking to create a master slave Project Plugin for release R2.1 to coordinate activities with multiple instances of Redmine.

In Slave Redmine:

  • Create the Master Project as Main Project
  • Create the Slave Project as Sub project
  • No data from the Master is copied in slave instance
  • Fetch from master through Rest and display the data.
  • For each modified item of the master, create a sub project/item and update the parent and store it in the slave instance.
  • If master item is missing/not visible, show Red in the parent of that item.
  • Use different color for slave item.

On Master Redmine:

  • Creat a Sub Project under Main Project for each Slave.
  • No Slave data is stored in the Master [A shadow could be added later to improve performance]
  • As the user progress through any item of the master, fetch all related Slave item from remote through REST and display as Sub project/sub item
  • Use different color for each slave item

Thanks to comment and add any issues incl. re: security. Volunteers pl.

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RE: Master Slave Project Syncup - Added by Daniel Felix over 5 years ago

Is there already a repository where we could get the code or commit patches?

I'm interested in this aswell.

RE: Master Slave Project Syncup - Added by Jan Niggemann ( team member) over 5 years ago

@BL MA: Can you share your plugin? I'm very interested...

RE: Master Slave Project Syncup - Added by Joshua DeClercq over 5 years ago

Your behavior description is a little hard for me to follow... You have master and slave copies on both Redmine servers? I feel like this needs a diagram!

But for some reason you got me wondering if basic duplication of activity across multiple instances could be done through, well, email notifications. Like, server A and server B have their respective email addresses, and are members of each other's projects. A change on server A sends an alert to server B, which parses it using Redmine's native receive-email feature, and it goes to whatever project has the same identifier. I want to try that and see what happens.