Redmine integration with GIT

Added by Richard Riviere over 5 years ago

Hi All,

I've recently finished installing the bitnami redmine stack on my linux machine. This stack includes Git and Redmine and from I can see so far they work together quite well.

At the moment I have two missing pieces in my puzzle...

1. Getting what they call "Advanced integration with Git" working. The idea is that you don't need to create a new user on the box for each person that wants to check in. Instead you should just be able to check in using the users created in Redmine.

2. Getting http check ins to work. At the moment I have only been able to get ssh working (i.e. need to create a user everytime user wants to check in).

I've recently found out via the Bitnami forums that the advanced integration between redmine and Git does not work with the latest version of redmine ...


What do you guys think the best course of action is going forward? Is there a way to get the integration between git and redmine users working?

Or should I make it a policy for all my users to have an account created on the box before they can perform check in's? I don't mind doing this so long as there is a way to hook the redmine users up to the users on the box to ensure that we don't get anonymous check in's against redmine defects. And reading some forums posts i think that is possible to do in the redmine settings. Am I right?

Also, does anyone have any advice regarding getting http check ins to work? And if i do go down that road, what I do use to authenticate http access to the repository.

Thanks a lot for you help!!

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RE: Redmine integration with GIT - Added by Richard Riviere over 5 years ago

Bump. Would really appreciate some help

RE: Redmine integration with GIT - Added by Julia Koelsch over 5 years ago

Typically, you would accomplish this with Gitolite or Gitosis. There are several Redmine plugins for each, which you can find in the plugin directory or on github. We have been using the "redmine_git_hosting" successfully.