Path Based authentication for Redmine repo access.

Added by Prasanth Kumar over 3 years ago


Currently we have a working setup that provides secure access to the svn repositories depending on the 'Roles & Permissions'. Along with this is there any way to add Path based authentication after the project membership is confirmed?

E.g.: I created a role named 'Developer' and the people with this role can manage svn repository i.e. checkout & commit. Now lets says User1 & User2 are having this role and hence by default can do svn_checkout & svn_commit to a repository named Repo1 with directories as dir1 & dir2 and with file names as file1.txt and file2.txt.

Now I would like to put path based authentication so that the accessibility is as below:

-- Can do svn_checkout+svn_commit on dir1, dir2, file1.txt & file2.txt.
-- Can do svn_checkout+svn_commit on dir1 and file1.txt.
-- Can do svn_checkout on dir2 & file2.txt