Can't use CSS styling in redcarpet+markdown vs. traditional textile

Added by Ben Blanco over 2 years ago

Hi All,

I'm migrating the content of a redmine server from textile to markdown, and have discovered the following limitation:

In Textile, it's super easy to add some inline CSS to customize some text or even a table, using %{background:yellow;color:red;padding:0 10px}some inline CSS% for example.

With Markdown, tweaking CSS wasn't planned

So one has to use <span style="background:yellow;color:red;padding:0 10px">some inline CSS</span>

But redmine's redcarpet is configured by default to escape such <span> tags.

I've looked at the redcarpet gem's info, and have tried to set :no_styles => false on redmine's formatter, but as far as I can tell it's being overriden by :filter_html => true

Switching :filter_html => false is not an option, as then it allows users to inject "anything", such as <script src=""></script>

        def formatter
          @@formatter ||=
              #:no_styles => false,
              :filter_html => true,
              :hard_wrap => true
            #:no_styles => false,
            :autolink => true,
            :fenced_code_blocks => true,
            :space_after_headers => true,
            :tables => true,
            :strikethrough => true,
            :superscript => true,
            :no_intra_emphasis => true,
            :footnotes => true 

I see redmine's RedmineTextFormattingMarkdown hasn't yet changed CSS styling references from Textile.

Any thoughts on what could be done to allow for inline CSS when using Markdown in redmine?