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Issue-Details: add additional classes to the list of related tickets and subtasks for better theme support

Added by Peter Schuler about 7 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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The current (as in Redmine 1.4.4) detail view of an issues offers a list of related tickets and subtickets. But the produced HTML code doesn't allow easy customization of themes. The issue lists miss some classes which other issue lists (like "show all tickets in project") or the main issue in the detail view itself supplies. Theses classes are supplied in the link to the issue so they seem to be available and adding them to the specific list element shouldn't add unnecessary load.

For related tickets:
The current output is like:

<tr class="issue hascontextmenu" id="relation-133">
  <td class="checkbox"><input name="ids[]" type="checkbox" value="589"></td>
  <td class="subject">Relation to 
    myProject - 
    <a href="/path_to_redmine/issues/589" class="issue status-4 priority-2 closed">Feature #589</a>: Title of the Issue
  <td class="status">Closed</td>
  <td class="start_date">02.07.2012</td>
  <td class="due_date">20.07.2012</td>
  <td class="buttons">[cut from example]</td>

So instead of adding the details only to the link, I'd suggest replacing the first line
<tr class="issue hascontextmenu" id="relation-133">

<tr class="issue hascontextmenu status-4 priority-2 closed" id="relation-133">

For subtasks:
Here the change is slighty different (the issue-id is mentioned which is missing in related tasks):

<tr class="issue issue-592 hascontextmenu" id="relation-133">

<tr class="issue issue-592 hascontextmenu status-4 priority-2 closed" id="relation-133">

As many other tickets, the aim here is to allow better themes (e.g. color coding statuses). As I am capable of CSS, this seems the only view I've encountered so far, that does not give enough classes to get things done, all other listings and views supply more than enough information (if one is able to use them). So this would be a nice addition and seems to fit with the rest of the views.

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Duplicates Redmine - Patch #21474: Adding issue css classes to subtasks and relations tr Closed


#1 Updated by Bernhard Rohloff over 1 year ago

I think we can close this issue since it was implemented with #21474.

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  • Duplicates Patch #21474: Adding issue css classes to subtasks and relations tr added

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Thanks Bernhard for pointing this out.

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