Feature #2275

provide a nice url for each project, with configurable redirect

Added by Thomas Capricelli almost 10 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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It would be nice (though i admit this would not be a core feature) to be able to have this kind of url:

instead of the not-very-great-from-a-marketing-point-of-view
when http://www.myredminesite.org/projects/show/projectname

Ideally this "nice project url" could be redirected to any page (wiki page, outside url, overview page...). I guess the default should be the project overview page.

(yes, this can be done from apache redirect stuff of course)

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Related to Redmine - Patch #1901: RESTful URLs for everything Closed 2008-09-15


#1 Updated by Eric Davis almost 10 years ago

Issue #1901 will provide RESTful urls for most of Redmine which would change the url to http://www.myredminesite.org/project/projectname. Markus Knittig has started on the refactoring in #1901 and #296 on Github. I'm planning on reviewing the patches and pulling them into the core after 0.8 is released.

#2 Updated by Markus Knittig almost 10 years ago

But I have to say that not all URLs will be "nicer". The wiki name will likely be longer (/project/projectname/wiki/wikipage instead of /wiki/projectname/wikipage )...

#3 Updated by Thomas Capricelli almost 10 years ago

Well, I was not requesting the other URLs to change. Just that this new one be added to provide nice links for the project. See that as an 'alias' in apache.
But it seems the RESTfull stuff would indeed be a big step toward what I'm asking for.

#4 Updated by Gerrit Kaiser over 9 years ago

If there is interest, I can easily change my patch (#1901) to generate urls like /ecookbook/issues, /ecookbook/wiki/page etc. That would not strictly follow Rails' URL conventions, but I think its well worth it for added readability. It would not preclude a Rails-style API for projects either (there would still be a /projects collection for managing them)

#5 Updated by Eric Davis over 9 years ago

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Gerrit Kaiser wrote:

That would not strictly follow Rails' URL conventions, but I think its well worth it for added readability.

I'd rather keep the urls using Rails' conversions. That will make them easier to figure out for people with experience with Rails and also would make scripting the urls so much easier (e.g. ActiveResource).

What might be useful is what Thomas said with "(yes, this can be done from apache redirect stuff of course)". Someone could build a plugin that would allow an administrator to enter urls to handle and destinations for those urls. Then the administrator could decide any url scheme they want (and override the built in ones for SSO, etc):


Thomas, would that be a good solution for you?

#6 Updated by Thomas Capricelli over 9 years ago

Yes, the plugin would be really great. What I dont like with the apache redirect idea it that one (or several) new redirect rules need to be added by the apache administrator for each new project.

If it is possible to do that for the redmine admin (as opposed to the apache admin) through a plugin, that would be fine.

Also, the recently commited #1901 probably answers at least partially to this need (see comment 9 for #1901), i still need to test it.


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