Feature #23301

Allow "Custom queries" to be shared across projects

Added by @ go2null about 2 years ago. Updated 12 days ago.

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A sharing mechanism like Versions would be great.


#1 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 2 years ago

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Administrators can make queries visible in all projects. Do you need a finer-grained sharing system?

#2 Updated by Carlos William Dias Peixoto about 1 year ago

When the query filters by a custom field not set for all projects, turning it into a global one erases the field. This feature would allow sharing such queries across the projects who uses such custom fields.

Beyond sharing them like versions, it would be nice to list the projects where the query would work. However, this could become an administrative nightmare if one site has too many projects (mine have over 700!). Alternative: show global queries only where all filtered fields are available.


#3 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 1 year ago

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#4 Updated by @ go2null 7 months ago

Good comment about global queries dropping non-global fields.

The original intent of this request was to allow sharing like Versions, that is, Subprojects, Hierarchy, and Tree. (With the Subprojects@ and Hierarchy being the more useful ones.)

#5 Updated by Stephane Evr 12 days ago


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