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Copied issues cause wrong reports: Original issue is added to report list although search criteria only match the copied issue and not the original issue

Added by Astrid Krafczyk-Kralitschka over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Affected Version is 3.1.6stable 15842 (version is not in the drop-down..)

How to Reproduce - Simple Example

Issue 10 is copied
Newly created is issue 20
All changes to 20 are done AND the connection between 10 and 20 is deleted.
Assume 10 is closed on 01.01.17
Assume 20 is closed on 05.01.17
Now create a report including all issues closed between 05.01.17 and 10.01.17

This report includes issue 20 AND 10 -> NOK, completely wrong.
Same error when keeping the connection between original and copied isssue.

Seems that a connection between the issues remains in the database? Found no way on UI to fix that problem. We're using a workaround with negative filters "not in" but have to check every time if it works correctly. This is really time-consuming...

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  • Duplicates Patch #23764: closed_on field of copied issue is always set to source issue's value added

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  • Affected version changed from 3.1.3 to 3.1.6

This duplicates what has been fixed by #23764, which was introduced in Redmine 3.1.7. Closing this issue as such.

Please upgrade your instance. If your issue persists, then please open a new one with all the info as outlined in submissions. Thanks for reporting nevertheless.

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