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Reports on all projects

Added by Mar T over 11 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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It would be good for the admin or project manager to be able to see reports on all projects. Issues, Planning grantt
etc. This is very usefull for resource allocation and future planning. Usually lots of projects are activeat the same
time and its hard to visualize them all at the same time, in order to report or allocate more members, resources etc.
Overall this projects so far is great. Good Work.

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#1 Updated by Maxim KruĊĦina over 10 years ago

I can see issues report by project
(http://redmine.mydomain.com/projects/68/issues, and also for
all projects together: http://redmine.mydomain.com/projects/68/is
sues), this is ok. But we need the same for time tracking.

I'm really new to RedMine, but from my point of view it can be
implemented in the same way as tickets. For exapmle, on this
URL you'll see tickets for one project:
http://redmine.ourdomain.com/projects/35/issues, on this URL
are tickets for all projects: http://redmine.ourdomain.com/issues

So with time tracking, report for one project is:
(or usng rewrite? it can be
so timetracker for all projects should be something like

#2 Updated by John Britton almost 11 years ago

Has there been any further development of this feature? I would
gladly work to implement it/clean up the existing implementation.
Kurt, I've sent you an email, I'll make a patch from what you've
got if you send it to me, and continue to improve from that

#3 Updated by Kurt Robson about 11 years ago

Nikolay -
I am not quite sure how to go about that. in the meantime, I'd
be happy to send a zip file of my redmine source where these
changes exist. or if you want to send me some instructions,
please do so. please email me at .

#4 Updated by Nikolay Solakov about 11 years ago

Are you planning to post a patch for that, Kurt?
I'd be happy to use it until Jean-Philippe implement something
like this.


#5 Updated by Kurt Robson about 11 years ago

I just completed and deployed changes to produce issue reports
across all projects. It is modeled after the reports page for
a project but also summarizes issues by assignee. All of the
drills and exports seem to be working.

I also updated My Page to summarize up to 100 issues assigned
to me, sorted by priority, and then up to 100 issues reported
by me, so everyone gets a full view of what is assigned and what
they reported. I implemented the new issues report as a new
top level menu item. Also, by the way, the new report includes
issues from all public projects and all projects on which you
are a member - so project security is enforced.

These changes are on top of redmine 0.5.

Anyone who would like more info, you may email me at
to discuss. Be advised - I am new to RoR so it may not
be pretty.

#6 Updated by Nikolay Solakov about 11 years ago

I vote for this with four hands :)
The project managers in my company want to see what people do
in all projects with a simple query.
The workaround proposed by Mar T is not so good, because when
I make filter by "Assigned To" in the parent project,
I need to add these people as members of the parent project to
see them in the "Assigned To" combo-box. They can see
then the issues in the sub-projects and it's just not the way
that this should be done. Hope you got my thought.

This is a serious thing that should be added.
I hope Jean-Philippe can do this easy.
Maybe I'll have time soon to learn ruby in details to help with


#7 Updated by Mar T over 11 years ago

I guess a work-around is to have a parent project and have
all other projects are sub-projects but then you cant have
more sub projects. Hopefully in the near future
information on all projects can be provided.

#8 Updated by Jos Yule over 10 years ago

This is related to #348 (or duplicates). John, did you ever get the source and produce a patch?

#9 Updated by Mischa The Evil over 9 years ago

Imho this issue is resolved by r2088. Please provide some feedback if this issue can be resolved...

#10 Updated by Mischa The Evil over 9 years ago

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Feature implemented, thus issue closed.

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