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Configurable subject of notification email for issue_add/issue_edit

Added by Don Pedro about 9 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Since Gmail is grouping emails into chains by their subject, it's very preferred that email subject will stay the same during all life of issue.
I.e., in /app/models/mailer.rb, in both issue_add() and issue_edit() email subject should not rely on issue status. I'm using:

subject "[#{issue.project.name} - #{issue.tracker.name} ##{issue.id}] #{issue.subject}"

Of course, it should be configurable per-user (something like checkbox "Gmail-friendly subjects" in email settings)

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#1 Updated by Burt Culver almost 9 years ago

+1 - this would be great to be user configurable. Right now messages about tickets go all over the place in my gmail.

#2 Updated by Burt Culver almost 9 years ago

Another option would be to set the In-Reply-To email header field with a consistent message ID. This may cause gmail to thread the issues even with different subject lines.

#3 Updated by David Paleino over 8 years ago

It would be really nice if this was implemented by keeping the Message-ID of the first mail (i.e. when the bug is opened), and using that with In-Reply-To and References in subsequent e-mails.

Also, it would be cool to organize comments as a real mail-thread, i.e. each with a Message-Id used by subsequent comments (maybe also adding a "Reply" link to the comments view?)


#4 Updated by Ling Li over 5 years ago

I like the idea of customizable subject, as the current one is too long for me (I would like to remove the issue.tracker.name from the subject).

I also updated #603---it seems gmail doesn't use the Message-ID or References header (added in #1401).

#5 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 4 years ago

  • Related to Feature #13111: Don't include new status for issues in email subject added

#6 Updated by Florian ROBERT over 3 years ago


#7 Updated by dumb blob about 3 years ago


I'm as well raising my hand for having customizable subjects.

#8 Updated by Michal Kowalski about 3 years ago


#9 Updated by Matt C over 1 year ago

I agree, this would be great.

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