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We want smileys in text formatting!:))

Added by Nikolay Kotlyarov over 8 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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When my manager saw forum feature in Redmine he said:

Where are smileys? No smileys? Forum without smileys?! It's not a forum!!!:)

I think it would be very nice to have smiley-feature in addition to standard text formatting features like bold, italic, etc.
It must be something like this:

Smiley.png (5.08 KB) Nikolay Kotlyarov, 2009-07-25 19:40


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#3 Updated by Kamil . about 8 years ago

What for?
Redmine isn't a "sweety blog", is it?

#4 Updated by Nikolay Kotlyarov about 8 years ago

It is not "just for fun" feature as it seems ex facte.
They are really relaxing the working atmosphere.

Just give it a try.

#5 Updated by Eric Voisard about 8 years ago

mmh, don't you think plain old ACSII smileys are just as relaxing as iconic ones?
Plus, they are portable and I think they're of good taste, for bare metal programmers ;-)

#6 Updated by Nikolay Kotlyarov about 8 years ago

Eric Voisard wrote:

bare metal programmers ;-)

Don't underestimate.
Programmers are only a small part of all Redmine users:
managers, testers, editors, scenario writers, designers, authors, clients, end-users, etc.

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#8 Updated by Ebrahim Mohammadi over 6 years ago

A design would be storing the smileys as plain old text smileys, but (optionally) replace them with (configurable) smiley images when rendering the text to HTML. Alt text of images could be set to the original text smiley for bare metal users whose browser is still lynx or so! And they will have no problem entering the smileys: they input their familiar text-only smileys.

#9 Updated by Pavel Vasilyev over 5 years ago

Where is smiles??? =-o

#11 Updated by Andriy Lesyuk over 3 years ago

WikiNG also supports smileys.

Also available in: Atom PDF