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Summary Gantt Summary View showing only projects

Added by Jon Hilton almost 9 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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I note that it is possible to view a gantt chart in Redmine which shows all issues (across all projects).

For the purposes of providing feedback to someone higher up the food chain (director, CEO etc) I think it would be very useful if you could just see a summary gantt which shows each project as a single line (showing the start and end dates, milestones/versions etc).


#1 Updated by Eric Davis almost 9 years ago

  • Subject changed from Cross Project Gantt Summary View to Summary Gantt Summary View showing only projects
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I've re-titled this request because there already is a cross-project Gantt view that is a collection of all the project's Gantts.

#2 Updated by Mischa The Evil almost 8 years ago

  • Category changed from Issues to Gantt

#3 Updated by Daniele Orler over 5 years ago

I Agree, in some cases it would be really useful to display just projects and milestones

#4 Updated by Daniel Felix over 5 years ago

Well, maybe this could be solved by a filter-type like or some additional option. This could be realy useful on bigger projects which are divided in many subprojects. Maybe this is a feature for 2.3.0, which overhauls the GANTT greatly?

#5 Updated by Tobias Droste over 5 years ago

With the patch from #347 you can group for example by version and select to hide the details (so a single line is displayed for each version instead of every ticket). Not exactly what you want, but it's a start ;-)

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