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Cannot find/select some members in the Project->Settings->Members tab

Added by Robert Lankford over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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I've tried looking around for this in the forums and such. I may simply not know the terms that I ought to be using.

Anyway, I recently upgraded to "Redmine 1.0.2.stable.4264 (MySQL)". I've got around 140 users on my site at the moment. If I head to the administration area and look at the user list, I have to page around to see everyone.

I was trying to assign roles to folks on a project. I noticed that the list of users on the Project -> Settings -> Members page was truncated. Meaning, the right pane has a lot of folks listed alphabetically, but the list stops in the S's.

I suspect that there is a query behind this page simply pulling in the first x users (100, maybe?) and drawing the user list from those results. I don't see any way to 'page' through more users to find folks sorted to the bottom of the stack.

It's not an emergency since I was able to identify users in the Administration area and assign them the appropriate project role from there. This process, however, takes a lot more clicks.

Please forgive me if I've posted something that is already a known issue or if I'm just missing something really obvious here.

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See #6521.

#2 Updated by Robert Lankford over 7 years ago

Wow. I'm not sure why the filter box kept escaping my attention, but it works wonderfully! Thanks for the feedback and sorry again for posting a duplicate.

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