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31450RedmineFeatureNewSupport "YYYY/MM/DD" date format when importing issues2019-05-25 04:50Importers
31449RedmineFeatureNewGenerate issue graphics2019-05-25 01:38
31444RedmineFeatureNewAdd "<< me >>" option to user format issue custom fields2019-05-24 12:37Custom fields
31441RedminePatchNewShow elements titles using jQuery UI tooltips2019-05-26 09:02UI
31439RedminePatchNeeds feedback I can not attach a file to a ticket2019-05-24 11:51Attachments
31438RedmineDefectReopenedAssociated revisions block not places next to history2019-05-26 15:34UI
31436RedmineFeatureNewUpdate raphael.js to 2.2.82019-05-24 02:14Third-party libraries
31433RedminePatchNewUse "icon icon-*" classes for sort-handler, collapsible fieldsets and collapsible versions2019-05-25 02:32Code cleanup/refactoring
31432RedmineDefectNewWiki Plugins broken link Tutorial2019-05-23 16:10Website (
31427RedmineFeatureNewAdd a link to the source when you quote2019-05-24 09:27Issues
31413RedmineDefectNewCopy Groups changes Project of Sub Tasks2019-05-21 08:40Issues
31407RedmineDefectNewrelative_url_root does not correctly set the menu_items href2019-05-20 19:52Administration
31404RedmineFeatureResolvedTime visualization plugin2019-05-20 11:39Plugin Request
31399RedminePatchNewmake /my/account endpoint accessible through API2019-05-26 09:20REST API
31395RedmineFeatureNewMake the footer of the 'Powered by Redmine' line user changeable.2019-05-20 22:51
31388RedmineDefectNewApiTest fails if config.time_zone is set2019-05-22 05:20Code cleanup/refactoring
31385RedminePatchNewFormating toolbar : new color tools2019-05-24 03:11UI
31384RedminePatchNewfix type-casted translation keys2019-05-20 09:13
31381RedmineFeatureNewFind change status of issues at custom query 2019-05-19 16:53
31377RedmineFeatureNewUpdating project status, or archiving with REST2019-05-16 11:24REST API
31373RedmineFeatureNewPrevious and next month links in gantt2019-05-15 17:15Gantt
31365RedmineDefectNewIssue subject may be broken if the subject field in the receiving email is split into multiple lines2019-05-21 05:56Email receiving
31363RedmineDefectNew500 Internal Server Error2019-05-14 04:50Email notifications
31354RedmineFeatureNewLDAP Sync2019-05-13 07:59LDAP
31353RedmineFeatureNewReplace user related links in the top menu bar with a proper user menu.2019-05-13 08:42UI

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