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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
685RedmineFeatureNewNew Custom Field "Found in Version"2016-07-02 05:54Custom fields
684RedminePatchNewAdd journal count on issues list2017-11-20 06:36Issues filter
683RedmineFeatureNewCross project reporting2012-10-27 23:04
682RedmineFeatureNewCreate a new issue based of a forum message2011-03-24 05:43Issues
680RedmineFeatureNewfree text ticket filter2016-09-13 07:04Issues filter
675RedmineFeatureNewAnti-spam or captcha for issues2017-07-12 07:04Issues
668RedmineDefectNewDate input fields don't respect date format settings2017-10-12 11:14UI
666RedmineFeatureNewAlow for custom filters for e-mail notifications2013-03-18 16:40Email notifications
664RedmineFeatureNewUser can choose what page he want's to be Start page2014-08-28 09:48UI
656RedmineFeatureNewRoadmap with wiki page2013-12-17 20:44Wiki
654RedmineFeatureNewThe i18n of the help 2010-08-20 11:04Translations
643RedmineFeatureNewIssue description templates2017-07-12 22:58Issues
640RedminePatchNewWhen choosing assignee, automatically switch status to Assigned2013-04-30 10:48Issues
632RedmineDefectNewTheme discovery doesn't work under JRuby on Rails war structure2015-10-28 17:43Ruby support
617RedmineFeatureReopenedwiki: thoughts of WYSIWYG2013-12-03 10:47Plugin Request
592RedmineFeatureNewUser Wiki Page2016-05-10 23:04Wiki
574RedmineFeatureNewAdd "My issues" to main menu2011-03-29 17:58UI
573RedmineFeatureNewSpend time and Activity enhancement2016-05-29 14:16Time tracking
572RedmineFeatureNewMy projects (or favourite projects)2015-05-08 22:23Projects
571RedmineFeatureNewConfigurable "Display project descriptions" in project list2017-07-04 15:13
566RedmineFeatureNewA possible script or plugin to generate subversion compatible authz permission file?2011-03-24 07:39SCM extra
561RedmineFeatureNewInvites2011-07-13 18:26
559RedmineFeatureNewWorkflow Enhancements2014-10-05 22:29Issues workflow
557RedmineFeatureNewChanging user preferrences2012-10-27 22:56
553RedmineFeatureNewCapistrano Recipes2016-09-12 20:18

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