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28368RedmineFeatureNewregarding watcher added in private project but not getting notification 2018-03-19 14:26
28340RedmineDefectNewPlugin Tutorial doesn't work2018-03-15 09:00
28338RedmineFeatureNewMake Redmine Email Delivery compatible with ActiveJob2018-03-14 16:49
28312RedmineFeatureNewOption to automatically add user as watcher to an issue if they edit an issue they're not currently involved with2018-03-09 11:46
28254RedmineDefectNewissues in incorrect project2018-02-27 14:28
28243RedminePatchNewConsistent interface for Principal.member_of and not_member_of2018-02-25 20:46
28127RedmineDefectNewIt is impossible to filter the trackers by project in the XML/REST-API2018-02-02 11:58
28111RedmineDefectNewRedmine Permissions - option to combine "Non member" role with others2018-01-31 11:58
28105RedmineFeatureNewPortfolio managment2018-02-27 13:01
28078RedmineDefectNewWorkflows inconsistencies when removing "add/edit issue" permission to a role which already has a workflow defined2018-01-25 18:14
28069RedmineDefectNewQueries 403 error if query author is not in the roles list2018-01-25 10:44
28035RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackOrder of versions is not correctly ordered2018-02-02 09:15
28008RedmineFeatureNewEasier way to put a hyperlink to a network folder in the comments2018-01-17 21:01
27990RedmineDefectNewRoadmap Issues null on selection of version custom field2018-02-04 15:40
27915RedmineDefectNewInvalid SQL for SQLSERVER2018-01-09 06:24
27902RedmineDefectNewOverview page is very slow for private projects with large number of members2018-01-30 17:55
27877RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackOptimze history navigation2018-03-21 12:07
27705RedmineFeatureNewGemify redmine plugins2018-02-03 11:44
27693RedmineDefectNewIn queries, operator "Any" should be "Not empty"2017-12-27 17:07
27659RedminePatchNewredmine_plugin_model_generator improvements(fixes and timestamps)2018-01-25 17:21
27381RedmineFeatureNew% Complete respond to status change in UI2017-11-05 09:22
27278RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackRedmine 3.3.5 error2017-10-24 16:38
27243RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackPermission problem with share versions2018-03-11 09:36
27199RedmineFeatureNewadd log date to issue list filter2017-10-16 09:23
27150RedmineFeatureNewPermissions to view/edit groups2017-10-09 18:42

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