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24573RedmineFeatureNewConfigurator - mobile responsiveness2016-12-09 14:37UI - Responsive
24572RedminePatchNewSpanish translation change2016-12-09 13:56Translations
24571RedmineDefectNewMigrating from Trac to Redmine [Trac2Redmine]2016-12-09 12:50Issues
24570RedmineDefectNewMigrating from Trac to Redmine [Trac2Redmine]2016-12-09 12:50Issues
24568RedmineFeatureNewShow locked users in 'Users' filter for 'Spent time' report2016-12-09 06:55
24557RedmineDefectNewUpdate time zones databese on the web site http://www.redmine.org2016-12-08 00:36Website (
24553RedmineFeatureNewmissing index on table custom_values2016-12-07 15:13Database
24550RedmineFeatureNewOpen GANTT for more than 24months2016-12-07 10:28Gantt
24548RedmineDefectNewDetailed steps required to install redcase plugin 2016-12-07 07:28Documentation
24547RedmineDefectNewSpent Time Date Filter Off by 1 Day2016-12-07 05:28Time tracking
24546RedmineDefectNewUnable to edit Workflows2016-12-07 01:53Issues workflow
24537RedminePatchNewCzech localisation2016-12-09 08:44Translations
24536RedmineDefectResolvedView differences not showing any results2016-12-08 22:19
24535RedmineDefectNewflash messages on destroy2016-12-05 19:54
24533RedmineFeatureNewChange HTML title of tickets to #nr type2016-12-05 10:24
24531RedmineFeatureNewCan I create the category/sub-category for issues ? 2016-12-05 08:41Administration
24530RedmineDefectNewMax Length issue in patch file2016-12-05 07:31Issues
24529RedmineFeatureNewchange sort order for due date column on "Issues assigned" page2016-12-04 18:11
24526RedmineFeatureNewAllow to flag selected issues status as "draft" suppressing notifications and activity-entries for this status values2016-12-03 17:21Issues workflow
24525RedmineFeatureNewTeam Foundation Server Repository Integration2016-12-02 16:17SCM
24524RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackNo API key on User Page2016-12-07 09:37REST API
24523RedminePatchNewsource: ignore .idea 2016-12-02 16:19
24521RedmineFeatureNewAdd time contingent for projects2016-12-02 14:32Time tracking
24520RedmineFeatureNewUse more secure hashing algorigthm2016-12-02 14:27Accounts / authentication
24513RedmineFeatureNewSearch result - show custom field and values in search result2016-12-01 15:03Search engine

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