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20457RedmineFeatureNewAzure AD authentication2015-08-01 14:37Accounts / authentication
20456RedmineDefectNew3.1-stable/3.1.0: missing commits (omitted from being merged from trunk)2015-08-01 13:44
20454RedmineDefectNewWrong attributes overriding from email body2015-07-31 15:45Email receiving
20452RedminePatchNewCzech localisation update2015-07-31 15:24Translations
20445RedmineDefectNewCustom Field of "List" format , "Multi values" throwing error in "Project"2015-07-31 06:15Custom fields
20440RedmineDefectNewColon character on Wiki pages title doesn´t work2015-07-29 19:23Wiki
20438RedmineDefectNewQuery doesn't work wtih non ASCII uppercase symbols.2015-07-30 13:48
20437RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackUnable to read email from stdin. Invalid option: --unknown-user2015-07-30 08:47Email receiving
20436RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackmail handler attachment problem2015-07-30 00:56Email receiving
20435RedmineFeatureNewSearch wiki in specific languages2015-07-30 01:26Wiki
20429RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackTracker with assignee field disabled, Is getting assigned with Assignee through Category2015-07-30 16:33Issues
20427RedmineDefectNewCannot create a custom query visibility is "to these roles only"2015-07-29 03:45Issues
20426RedmineFeatureNewAccess to User Account Data from wiki to generate automatic lists in wiki by macro "TaggedUserAccounts"2015-07-30 20:51Wiki
20425RedmineDefectResolvedfn1. not working in tickets2015-07-29 08:52Text formatting
20422RedmineFeatureNewBacklink for thumbnail-macro2015-07-27 21:48Wiki
20421RedmineFeatureNewIssuing tickets directly from a wiki page2015-07-29 09:14Issues workflow
20420RedmineDefectNewauto_link in wiki_formatter fails2015-07-28 14:09Text formatting
20413RedminePatchNewUse a table instead of an unordered list in "Issue tracking" box2015-07-29 09:11UI
20407RedmineDefectNewMonospace font-family values are differ between application.css and scm.css2015-07-26 13:05UI
20401RedmineDefectNew"Spent time" panel: columns not wrapping2015-07-27 00:36UI
20398RedmineFeatureNewUse the issues field AND the issues status for issue done ratio2015-07-23 17:09Issues
20397RedminePatchNewproject:someproject wiki syntax should link to project with identifier "someproject', not name.2015-07-23 12:29
20391RedmineFeatureNewAdd support for data URI in mails received2015-07-22 16:54Email receiving
20388RedmineFeatureNewRemoving attachment after commit transaction2015-07-22 12:52Attachments
20386RedmineDefectResolvedSubproject's not listed under project anymore2015-07-21 18:11Projects

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