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18495RedmineDefectNewNew Theme Frreifunk-Red-Andy2014-11-28 13:04
18494RedmineDefectNewTechniki tolerowania uszkodzeń w systemach czasu rzeczywistego.2014-11-28 12:16
18493RedmineDefectNewHọp Kinh Tế Thế Giới Nơi Dành Riêng Cho Các Ông Hoàng Tỷ Phú2014-11-28 11:21Database
18479RedmineDefectNewCan't use reposman.rb to create both git and svn repositories2014-11-27 18:53SCM extra
18475RedmineDefectNewREST XML API is unable to create a new issue with multiple attachments2014-11-27 15:53REST API
18472RedmineFeatureNewDue date and custom fileds in e-mail2014-11-27 11:10
18471RedmineFeatureNewReports sending to e-mail2014-11-27 11:05Activity view
18469RedmineFeatureNewPlace Status button at the very bottom or top2014-11-27 09:23Issues
18468RedmineFeatureNew"Submit and return" for edit issue screen2014-11-27 09:20Issues workflow
18464RedmineDefectResolvedUse of PRE tag in Issue description results in wrapped text with latest Google Chrome, Redmine 2.6.02014-11-28 09:47UI
18447RedmineFeatureResolvedAbility To Specify Filter For Attachments in Email2014-11-27 11:56Email receiving
18440RedminePatchNewJournals could be ordered using the create_on attribute instead of the id2014-11-25 17:05Issues
18433RedmineFeatureNewHow can I configure my redmine send mail server2014-11-24 19:16
18428RedmineFeatureNewpre-defined issue subjects2014-11-24 10:13UI
18425RedmineFeatureNewthe custom fields can be defined in the project2014-11-24 10:10Custom fields
18424RedmineFeatureNewcan be in the project group management2014-11-24 09:24Groups
18422RedmineFeatureNewWhy three "my page" type of pages?2014-11-24 01:47My page
18420RedmineFeatureNewColumn-specific popup menus for issues2014-11-23 23:10Issues
18419RedminePatchNewCopy news along with the project2014-11-22 21:30Projects
18411RedmineFeatureNewAdd the filter option : Assignee's group == my group2014-11-21 19:54Issues
18403RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCan't change parent task if an issue has some relations2014-11-24 08:23Issues
18399RedminePatchNewMissing "next" pagination link when looking at yesterday's activity2014-11-20 17:21UI
18397RedmineFeatureNewOutline numbering2014-11-20 12:30Text formatting
18391RedmineFeatureNew"IF THEN" automatic workflow 2014-11-20 03:10Issues workflow
18374RedmineDefectNewIncoming emails are truncating CRLF2014-11-20 16:27Email receiving

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