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18681RedminePatchNewIssue list api : journals, watchers2014-12-18 17:07REST API
18680RedmineDefectNewsimultaneous dual-dongle data collection2014-12-18 16:39Projects
18679RedminePatchNewLabelledFormBuilder#label outputs 2 label elements2014-12-18 12:39UI
18677RedmineFeatureNewPlanning module2014-12-18 09:40
18672RedmineDefectNewRandom Error 500 after upgrade to 2.6.02014-12-18 01:23
18671RedminePatchNewJapanese translation change (fix misspelled word)2014-12-17 13:59Translations
18670RedmineDefectResolvedWhen saving any issue I get RuntimeError ():2014-12-17 16:32Issues
18669RedmineFeatureNewAbility to remove Wiki (page) history2014-12-17 13:13Wiki
18668RedmineFeatureNewIssue reference when receiving emails2014-12-17 12:09Email receiving
18667RedmineDefectNewAttachment content type not set when uploading attachment2014-12-17 11:53Attachments
18665RedmineDefectNewInternal Server Error when adding user to group where he is already assigned2014-12-17 11:21Groups
18659RedminePatchNewDo not truncate subissue titles on single issue view2014-12-16 19:40
18658RedmineDefectNewIssues with migrate_from_trac.rake from trac 0.12/1.0 (possible solutions provided)2014-12-16 19:07Importers
18656RedmineFeatureNewMarkdown links priority2014-12-16 15:20Wiki
18654RedmineDefectNewCustom field is rendered, even if its value is empty (for multiple)2014-12-16 13:37Custom fields
18653RedmineDefectResolvedNotifications not sent with async_smtp2014-12-17 10:22Email notifications
18652RedmineFeatureNewVideo Vogue New Platform - UI allignment2014-12-18 11:17Documentation
18647RedmineDefectResolvedActiveRecord::StatementInvalid with async_smtp2014-12-15 22:02Issues
18645RedmineFeatureNewAbility for Users to Customize their own email notifications 2014-12-15 18:00Email notifications
18643RedminePatchNewReload server after plugin changed in development mode.2014-12-15 15:11Plugin API
18640RedmineDefectNewAnonymous/non-members have no access to private projects they are member of2014-12-15 11:19Permissions and roles
18637RedminePatchNew Japanese wiki_syntax_detailed.html translation update2014-12-14 06:18Translations
18632RedmineDefectNewPDF Export has no left padding for tables2014-12-12 21:49PDF export
18631RedmineFeatureNewBetter search results pagination2014-12-12 21:43Search engine
18630RedmineDefectNewPDF Export sets table width as 100% by default2014-12-12 20:34PDF export

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