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17919RedmineFeatureNewNot seeing List Of Associated Subtasks in a parent Issue2014-09-19 18:42REST API
17914RedmineDefectNewChild task due date change does not affect Parent Task Due Date change2014-09-19 06:45Issues
17913RedmineFeatureNewFormula based custom field calculation2014-09-19 06:43Issues
17907RedmineFeatureNewGive 'version' another meaning2014-09-18 08:45
17904RedmineDefectNewgroup membership cannot be added to a project via REST API2014-09-18 06:07REST API
17902RedminePatchNewCSV encoding should be UTF-8 in French locale2014-09-17 17:29I18n
17900RedminePatchNewAllow change value of the time_entry object via controller_issues_edit_before_save hook from a plugin2014-09-17 16:34Issues
17898RedmineDefectNewException in Migration from Trac to Redmine (incl. solution)2014-09-17 14:00Importers
17897RedmineDefectResolvedEmails does not send to assignee if issue's author doesn't have permission to change assignee field2014-09-18 08:02Issues permissions
17894RedmineFeatureNewCollapse macro parameter to uncollapse by default2014-09-17 11:03Wiki
17890RedmineFeatureNewMaking group - add project - subprojects not visible2014-09-16 23:45Groups
17889RedmineFeatureNewSearches should be twice faster2014-09-18 14:34Search engine
17887RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackNoMethodError (undefined method `downcase' for nil:NilClass):2014-09-16 15:39SCM
17885RedmineDefectNewNeed to send email to watchers when a new issue created2014-09-16 11:38Email notifications
17882RedmineDefectNewSubversion: French character filename causes error 4042014-09-17 13:31SCM
17880RedminePatchResolvedPerformance issues on Issue model2014-09-15 04:17Performance
17879RedmineFeatureNewsupport deleting attachments2014-09-15 04:44REST API
17857RedmineFeatureNewCustom fields for repositories2014-09-14 12:38Custom fields
17852RedmineDefectNewIssue journals should be ordered by created_on, not id2014-09-12 08:35Issues
17845RedmineDefectNewAssigning parent task fails when a related issue is yet a sub issue of the new parent task2014-09-11 18:23Issues
17844RedmineFeatureNewA help intercept or better options2014-09-12 08:01
17843RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackPossible to delete issue even it is disabled in permissions2014-09-12 04:27Issues permissions
17840RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackAdd email notification on "Target Version Changes" for issues2014-09-11 12:48Email notifications
17835RedmineDefectNewIssue Properties revert to previously set value when submitting ticket update2014-09-11 01:58Performance
17830RedmineDefectNewUser creation: clear/plaintext password sent via unencrypted email2014-09-20 00:06Security

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