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24136RedmineDefectNewUnable to delete version2016-10-21 20:10Administration
24128RedmineDefectNewSudo-Mode : hides full stack trace2016-10-21 14:48Security
24111RedmineDefectNewMoving the parent issue from subproject to another project moves sub issues too2016-10-21 18:59Issues
24104RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackFilter "in the past days"2016-10-22 15:06Time tracking
24092RedmineDefectNewbundler error: selenium-webdriver requires Ruby version >= 2.0.2016-10-18 18:55Gems support
24089RedmineFeatureNewCall to Action (CTA) and improved conversion for registration2016-10-20 14:46Accounts / authentication
24072RedminePatchNewAdded formatting for email notifications2016-10-15 06:28Email notifications
24069RedmineFeatureNewAdditional Data Field on Plugins: License Information2016-10-14 13:57Website (
24067RedmineFeatureNewTotal Estimated Time should be available on Totals options2016-10-14 05:44
24065RedmineFeatureNewCommit message shouldn't be rendered by Markdown or Textile2016-10-14 05:50SCM
24062RedminePatchNewAllow only vertical reorderingin sortable lists2016-10-13 12:13UI
24061RedmineDefectNewTickets can be watched by users who are not available in specific tracker2016-10-13 04:30Issues
24051RedminePatchResolvedAs a non-admin user using API, I want to be able to filter users by their username without getting forbidden exception2016-10-12 17:11REST API
24050RedmineFeatureNewAllow custom fields are displayed in the overview of tasks2016-10-11 19:17Issues filter
24049RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackRecords in table time_entries with null value at field issue_id2016-10-11 16:56Time tracking
24041RedmineDefectNewIssue subject is not updated when you select another issue in the new "Log time" page 2016-10-12 08:34Time tracking
24040RedmineFeatureNewMaking the default action for copy subtasks when copying an issue a settable value. (Project level setting?)2016-10-10 22:26Issues
24038RedmineFeatureNewProseMirror as a WYSIWYM editor2016-10-10 14:46Text formatting
24030RedmineDefectNewWhen SVN or Git repository has a commit comment include an emoji (4 bytes charactor), error occurs2016-10-10 09:02SCM
24024RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackopen user account info occured 500 error2016-10-20 19:40Accounts / authentication
24020RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackImporting csv fails when using data containing bullet character, No error message in the UI, no reason is presented for the crash2016-10-08 19:44Issues
24013RedmineFeatureNewFirebird and RedDatabase support2016-10-10 18:11Database
24011RedmineFeatureNewAdd option to set a new version as default directly from New Version page2016-10-08 09:31Project settings
24010RedmineDefectNewUsing a tables inside a list (wrong intendation)2016-10-06 11:49Text formatting
24008RedmineDefectNewRemove 'Copied from' / 'Copied to' relationship between issues2016-10-12 22:14Issues

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