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18984RedmineDefectNewmigrate_from_mantis with NoMethodError: strftime2015-01-30 19:08
18983RedminePatchNewAllow filtering of Redmine Reminders by Version2015-01-30 17:25Email notifications
18980RedminePatchNewParameter back_url not set on redirect to login page when session has expired2015-01-30 12:55
18976RedmineDefectNewredmine.repositories & redmine.auth_sources passwords are not hashed2015-01-29 19:02Security
18969RedmineFeatureNewGet available statuses through API2015-01-28 15:40REST API
18966RedmineFeatureNewAPI - Custom field creation2015-01-28 12:35Custom fields
18961RedmineDefectNew{{macro_list}} error when choose markdown as wiki language2015-01-28 02:18
18953RedmineDefectNewBulk edit issues does not update Status drop down2015-01-26 22:24Issues
18949RedmineDefectNewassignee instead of assigned_to2015-01-25 15:44Email receiving
18943RedmineDefectNewREST API does not return spent_hours when listing issues2015-01-23 21:54REST API
18940RedmineDefectNewFilter by custom user field didn´t work2015-01-23 14:03Custom fields
18934RedmineFeatureNewSupport LDAP Password Changing2015-01-22 20:51Accounts / authentication
18930RedmineDefectReopenedsession_expiration fails to find active user to set localization for2015-01-30 16:40I18n
18929RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackMailHandler Error: "\xF5" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-82015-01-22 04:35Email receiving
18926RedmineDefectNewissue_categories in REST API is not working - page not found2015-01-24 08:29REST API
18922RedmineDefectNewrdm-mailhandler.rb should catch EOFError2015-01-21 09:45Email receiving
18921RedmineDefectNewChanging Tracker w/o Boolean to the one w/Boolean ignores default value of Boolean custom field definition.2015-01-21 09:41Custom fields
18918RedmineDefectNewGrouping of Boolean field: Grouping label for "none" should be changed to "null", "No Value", or" (blank) ".2015-01-21 02:31Custom fields
18914RedmineDefectNewSlow rendering pages with many small macros2015-01-23 00:37
18913RedmineDefectNewRoadmap View from within Sub-project not complete2015-01-20 23:26Roadmap
18912RedmineDefectNewClicking on a Completed Version doesn't navigate to the Version2015-01-20 23:24Roadmap
18911RedminePatchNewcheck Setting.protocol when determining gravatar protocol2015-01-20 14:27Project settings
18909RedmineFeatureNewRedmine timelog and user API2015-01-20 10:52REST API
18896RedmineDefectResolvedGrouping of Boolean field in Query: group not displayed for "No" value if the group is in first position2015-01-19 22:38Custom fields
18894RedmineDefectResolvedGrouping of Boolean field: Both "No" and "blank" tickets are grouped in "none" groups2015-01-21 02:34Custom fields

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