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16725RedmineDefectNew【無双】オンラインZ2014-04-20 17:21
16724RedmineDefectNewX-FMC erratic fuel consumption2014-04-20 14:34Issues
16723RedmineDefectNew Lionexpo.com2014-04-20 13:17 patch for HTTP access of repositories by repo-name2014-04-18 14:10SCM extra
16717RedmineFeatureNewAdd _blank support for "Link values to URL"2014-04-18 08:22Custom fields
16716RedmineFeatureNewDue Date Compulsory2014-04-18 07:31Time tracking
16712RedmineFeatureNewCreate an up-to-date documentation for Redmine on Heroku2014-04-18 05:50Documentation
16710RedminePatchNewSupport for the 1.x versions of mime-types gem2014-04-17 14:40Gems support
16708RedmineDefectNewForm is submit when swithing tab2014-04-19 09:42UI
16707RedmineFeatureNewIntegrate support of SSL for POP3 incoming emails2014-04-17 11:28Email receiving
16700RedminePatchNewBlank content type for attachments attached via Ajax file upload2014-04-16 12:59Attachments
16685RedminePatchNewIntroduce the request_store gem to hold User.current and prevent data leakage in error messages2014-04-15 16:23Accounts / authentication
16684RedmineFeatureNewQuick navigation among projects / subprojects2014-04-15 13:58
16679RedmineFeatureNewTo wrap buttons at issue edit page to dedicated HTML element 2014-04-15 09:51
16669RedmineDefectNewMarkdown formatter should use the :no_intra_emphasis extension2014-04-19 09:42Text formatting
16668RedmineDefectNewAttachment link broken when filename contains special characters2014-04-16 22:21
16666RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackPrint issue2014-04-14 22:46
16661RedmineDefectNewDifferent users sharing same role have rights in projects in which user is not a member2014-04-14 11:50Administration
16659RedmineDefectNewsubtasks in corss-project views2014-04-14 11:30Gantt
16655RedmineDefectNewstart_date not set despite settings[default_issue_start_date_to_creation_date] being set.2014-04-14 08:38Email receiving
16654RedmineDefectNewRest API custom field not working 2014-04-14 08:13REST API
16652RedmineDefectNewMissing menu “move” multiple tickets2014-04-14 02:55Issues
16649RedmineDefectNewTrimming the project description on projects list can break the text formatting2014-04-13 21:08Text formatting
16639RedmineFeatureNewTracker-to-Tracker workflows2014-04-11 16:52Issues workflow
16638RedmineFeatureNewOptimizing CSV export2014-04-11 16:02Performance

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