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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
12270RedmineDefectConfirmed¶ in email notifications when titles in description of ticket used2012-11-05 15:36Email notifications
13559RedmineDefectNew{{toc}} remains when exporting wiki page to text2016-01-20 13:25Wiki
1827RedmineFeatureNew[wish] Add another notification option: insert it into the activity page or another one2008-08-28 14:48
8984RedmineFeatureNew[Usability] Move delete button to left in files tab2011-10-06 18:39UI
2068RedmineDefectNew[source:XYZ@latest#L142 Line 3434] will not be converted2013-02-06 10:55Importers
2510RedminePatchNew[SCM, Bazaar] Prefer revision's "author" field over "committer" if available2009-01-14 18:58SCM
18875RedmineDefectNew[Rest API][custom field]Why "GET /custom_fields.xml" required the System manager's privilege?2016-06-16 03:47REST API
14332RedmineFeatureNew[Repository] Make "view file" the default2013-06-25 09:04SCM
24723RedmineDefectConfirmed[regression?] r10132's changes were reverted with r155692017-01-10 15:41Third-party libraries
4382RedmineFeatureNew[Refactor] Move autocomplete methods to an AutocompleteController2013-01-12 20:06Code cleanup/refactoring
3064RedmineFeatureNew[] Complexity custom data field2013-04-10 18:07Website (
28934RedminePatchNew[Rails 5.2] support migration context2018-07-07 05:36Rails support
19105RedmineDefectConfirmed[Plugin directory] ratings link in plugin show view is pointing to missing anchor2017-06-02 07:38Website (
2089RedmineDefectNew[] will not correctly converted2013-02-06 10:54Importers
8491RedmineFeatureNew[Gantt] Wrap words in issue names2017-01-09 16:49Gantt
29395RedminePatchNew[Feature] Pagination between repository entries and attachments of the same container2018-08-18 09:29Attachments
23779RedmineFeatureNeeds feedback[Feature] Add Google Translate Pulgin2016-09-08 11:28
17932RedmineFeatureResolved[Feature Request] History Assignee filter2014-11-05 05:25Activity view
12333RedmineFeatureNew[enhancement] add tips for fields2012-11-09 06:21Custom fields
19542RedmineDefectNew[Email Notifications] Email are not sent according to user settings2015-05-12 08:20Email notifications
26096RedmineFeatureNew[API] Get custom field by id2017-06-09 09:16REST API
25140RedmineFeatureNew[API] authentication with JSON Web Tokens 2018-08-01 08:36REST API
3030RedmineFeatureNew[#2614] one can not change the repository in Setting/Repository, just delete2011-03-23 05:28SCM
1823RedmineFeatureNewYes/No Vote for "Can replicate issue?"2012-10-28 19:08
16048RedmineFeatureNewXSD of the Rest API2014-09-15 01:22REST API

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