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30229RedminePatchNewOptimization: all UI icons collapsed into a single sprite2018-12-16 01:22UI
30228RedmineDefectNewteste2018-12-15 23:38
2635RedminePatchResolvedDisplay notice on forum updates2018-12-15 22:41Forums
13803RedmineFeatureNewImplement grouping by date2018-12-15 16:30Issues filter
30168RedmineDefectNewInconsistent wrapping of "splitcontentright" and "splitcontentleft" containers2018-12-15 10:38UI
30162RedminePatchNewWiki page collapse block image is not displayed in exported PDF.2018-12-15 04:20PDF export
30211RedmineDefectConfirmedCrash with the message "undefined method `alias_method_chain'" when connecting to Microsoft SQL Server2018-12-15 02:49Database
30210RedmineDefectNewApplication crash when deleting an issue from issue list with SQLServer2018-12-14 14:31Issues
28595RedmineDefectNewPlease remove font definition from the body element.2018-12-14 10:27UI
30171RedmineDefectConfirmedPasswords encryption does not work if the password is longer than 31 bytes2018-12-14 10:09Database
30073RedmineDefectNewAjax Request Returns 200 but an error event is fired instead of success2018-12-14 06:48REST API
13688RedminePatchNeeds feedbackChosen thumbnail has to be bigger than requested one and not smaller2018-12-14 04:33Attachments
29473RedmineFeatureNewHandle Ctrl+Enter while editing issue2018-12-13 22:28UI
30207RedmineDefectNewTab in the cross-project menu is displayed even if the module is disabled in all projects2018-12-13 16:22UI
30203RedminePatchNewAdd links to administration pages in project settings2018-12-13 13:31Project settings
30121RedmineDefectConfirmedProjects API should return only trackers, visible to the user2018-12-13 12:32REST API
10943RedmineFeatureNewQuery issues based on activity history2018-12-13 07:27Issues filter
14468RedmineFeatureNewSearch for text in description and comments in issue search and restrict projects.2018-12-13 05:24Search engine
29482RedminePatchNewQuery system for Projects page2018-12-13 01:08Projects
30176RedmineDefectNewAnonymous users cannot upload attachment if added to project member 2018-12-11 06:56Attachments
28529RedmineDefectNewPlugin settings trouble2018-12-11 05:06Plugin API
30086RedmineFeatureNewUse HTTP status code 403 instead of 401 when REST API is disabled2018-12-10 21:28REST API
30118RedmineFeatureNewRuby 2.6 support2018-12-10 14:46Ruby support
9068RedmineFeatureNewNew button : "Submit modification without notification"2018-12-10 10:46Email notifications
30167RedminePatchNewReplace ajax-indicator with a waiting cursor2018-12-09 23:23UI

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