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16482RedmineDefectNewWrong search query for timelog, when timezone not UTC2017-12-18 19:34Time tracking
27752RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackNoMethodError while creating an issue2017-12-18 10:22Issues
27559RedminePatchNewDefault branch should be always first in the graph2017-12-18 04:50SCM
8223RedmineFeatureNewEmail all users2017-12-17 18:18Email notifications
27678RedminePatchNewMake "Check all / Uncheck all" link noticeable2017-12-17 13:03UI
27691RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackIssue created from mail_handler with description empty from2017-12-17 06:58Email receiving
27587RedmineFeatureNewHiding users from seing each other2017-12-17 05:17Permissions and roles
13521RedmineDefectConfirmedGantt bars with start_date and end_date on a same day do not become red by over due2017-12-16 12:26Gantt
27625RedminePatchNewIncrease size of name for role name2017-12-16 12:10Code cleanup/refactoring
27807RedminePatchNewUse a unique way to check/uncheck a group/fieldset with checkboxes 2017-12-16 11:08UI
27772RedminePatchNewIssues reports should show only statuses used by the project2017-12-16 08:11Issues
23518RedmineFeatureNewDisplay comments in reverse chronological order: position of action_menu and edit partials.2017-12-15 19:03Issues
27804RedmineDefectNewRestriction of user visibility isn't working with internal authentication2017-12-15 10:59Security
27799RedminePatchNewMark default version in versions tab from project settings 2017-12-15 07:38Project settings
27319RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackImpossible to create a new version2017-12-14 20:11Projects
26705RedmineDefectConfirmedUnable to download file if custom field is not defined as visible to any users2017-12-14 17:19Custom fields
27540RedmineFeatureNewExtending the 30 character limit for custom filed name2017-12-14 12:58Custom fields
25607RedmineDefectNewUsers can't see issues they've been assigned to.2017-12-14 04:00Permissions and roles
24277RedmineFeatureNewIntroducing Remaining Time field as method to track the remaining time to complete an issue2017-12-13 21:20Issues planning
19102RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackRedmine doesnt scale with large amount of projects2017-12-13 21:19Performance
20699RedmineDefectNewldap error - not permitted to logon at this workstation2017-12-13 12:15LDAP
27790RedminePatchNewmercurial - fix double quotes in branch names2017-12-13 11:55SCM
9432RedmineFeatureNewDefault value for the private issue flag2017-12-13 00:04Issues
27584RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackREST-API projects modules not working XML2017-12-12 18:57REST API
27530RedmineFeatureNewSet default target version when moving issues to another project2017-12-12 18:14Issues

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