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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
27219RedminePatchNewShow default status on the trackers list2017-10-19 03:51UI
1106RedmineFeatureNewEmbedded repository images in the wiki2017-10-19 01:01Wiki
3152RedmineFeatureNewEmbed images in the notify emails instead of write a image link to redmine server2017-10-18 20:53Email notifications
27024RedminePatchNewLinks on custom field values don't have "external" class2017-10-18 04:09Custom fields
26646RedminePatchNewRemove hardcoded width in query column selects2017-10-18 00:37UI
27212RedminePatchNewWhen deleting the projects category, its name should be represented in the confirmation dialog.2017-10-17 13:28Project settings
22424RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackChange Russian translation for default_issue_status_feedback2017-10-17 06:18Translations
27110RedmineDefectNewChanging the tracker to a tracker with the tracker field set to read-only won't work2017-10-17 05:43Issues
25114RedminePatchNeeds feedbackContext menu positioning inside positioned DOM elements2017-10-16 17:14UI
27202RedmineDefectNewif attachment filename contain semicolon ";" we get RecodNotFound error on web server puma2017-10-16 15:55Attachments
24910RedmineDefectNewIssue processing UTF7 mails2017-10-16 13:34Email receiving
27199RedmineFeatureNewadd log date to issue list filter2017-10-16 09:23
26699RedmineDefectNewAnonymous user should have their icon2017-10-16 01:10UI
27153RedmineDefectConfirmedCustom query breaks calendar view with error 5002017-10-16 00:12Calendar
27109RedmineFeatureNewDocumentation of upgrading from 2.x to 3.x2017-10-15 20:05Documentation
27113RedmineFeatureNewAdd setting to hide checksum column in Files tab2017-10-15 20:02Files
27108RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackBug in creation of "custom queries" to view issues in a given way2017-10-15 14:21
26507RedmineDefectNew"attachment:filename" link syntax would not work if the file name contains "@"2017-10-15 13:48Text formatting
26443RedmineDefectConfirmedUser link syntax (user:login) doesn't work for logins consisting of an email adress2017-10-15 13:47Text formatting
26705RedmineDefectConfirmedUnable to download file if custom field is not defined as visible to any users2017-10-15 13:38Custom fields
27009RedminePatchNewClarify consequences of disabling the login_required setting2017-10-15 11:37UI
27008RedminePatchNewAdd new subtask - parent issue id is lost in some cases2017-10-15 11:24Issues
16052RedmineFeatureNewConsider a better associated revisions block in the issue tracker2017-10-15 09:06UI
11122RedmineDefectNewIn the Activity previous page navigation is enabled for first page also.2017-10-15 05:50Activity view
8363RedmineFeatureNewGit: Pull requests2017-10-13 14:49SCM

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