Defect #20551

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 4 years ago

On trunk r14506:

h2. 1. label_coma_char

Introduced by r14494 (#950):

./config/locales/en.yml-963- label_fields_separator: Field separator
./config/locales/en.yml-964- label_fields_wrapper: Field wrapper
./config/locales/en.yml-965- label_encoding: Encoding
./config/locales/en.yml:966: label_coma_char: Coma
./config/locales/en.yml-967- label_semi_colon_char: Semi colon
./config/locales/en.yml-968- label_quote_char: Quote
./config/locales/en.yml-969- label_double_quote_char: Double quote

h2. 2. :lastname_coma_firstname

./app/models/user.rb-47- :order => %w(lastname firstname id),
./app/models/user.rb-48- :setting_order => 4
./app/models/user.rb-49- },
./app/models/user.rb:50: :lastname_coma_firstname => {
./app/models/user.rb-51- :string => '#{lastname}, #{firstname}',
./app/models/user.rb-52- :order => %w(lastname firstname id),
./app/models/user.rb-53- :setting_order => 5

h2. 3. h3. lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/macros.rb

./lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/macros.rb-92- # invoked without a block of text.
./lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/macros.rb-93- #
./lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/macros.rb-94- # Examples:
./lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/macros.rb:95: # By default, when the macro is invoked, the coma separated list of arguments
./lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/macros.rb-96- # is split and passed to the macro block as an array. If no argument is given
./lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/macros.rb-97- # the macro will be invoked with an empty array:
./lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/macros.rb-98- #