Defect #22808

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 2 years ago

Hi guys,

I had the same problem of issue #19544, but my was with the fixed version column, in version 3.2.1 with SQL Server 2012, and this r14207 review 14207 did not solve my problem.

making a debug in the code, I found that the part where it should make a flatten between two Array, the variable group_by_sort_order comes as String, so I did a treatment to make this String into Array, and solved my problem.

code modified in /app/models/issue_query.rb
<pre><code class="ruby">
# Returns the issues
# Valid options are :order, :offset, :limit, :include, :conditions
def issues(options={})
if group_by_sort_order.is_a?(String)
# convert String in Array
order_option = [group_by_sort_order.split(','), options[:order]].flatten.reject(&:blank?)
order_option = [group_by_sort_order, options[:order]].flatten.reject(&:blank?)