Defect #26691

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 1 year ago

20000 issues in the database
When rendering the action, it will issue a lot of queries to get the the start_date and due_date of an project like:

<pre><code class="sql">

SELECT MIN(`issues`.`start_date`) FROM `issues` WHERE `issues`.`project_id` = ? [["project_id", 1436]]
SELECT MAX(`issues`.`due_date`) FROM `issues` WHERE `issues`.`project_id` = ? [["project_id", 1436]]
SELECT MIN(`issues`.`start_date`) FROM `issues` WHERE `issues`.`project_id` = ? [["project_id", 1317]]
SELECT MAX(`issues`.`due_date`) FROM `issues` WHERE `issues`.`project_id` = ? [["project_id", 1317]]

Which will make the performance very bad.

My solution is that add cached_due_date and cached_start_date for projects.rb, and while constructing the project_tree, I will use a group query to retrieve the corresponding start_date and due_date for a group of projects, so that they don't need to issue N queries later on.