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h1. Donors

The following individuals and organizations have graciously shown their support for Redmine.
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h2. Gold Donors ($1,000 and up)

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Qualcomm -|=. !ehline.png!:
Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC|
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Christopher Krug - "National University, La Jolla, CA":|=. !duruan.gif!:
Duruan Co.,LTD. -|
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Easy Software s.r.o. -|=. !hms.png!:
Andreas Mangold -|
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Bitnami -|=. !code_lutin.png!:
Code Lutin -|
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Groupimo -|=. !sligro.png!:
Sligro Food Group -|
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Planio -|=. !rose.jpg!:
The Eternity Rose -|
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Gustin Quon Inc. -|=. !{margin:1em}mdi.png!:
Groupimo -|
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Neopost Technologies -|=. !{margin:1em}redmineup.png!:
RedmineUP -|
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Bestvpnrating -||

h2. Silver Donors ($500 and up)

Elektrisola Atesina GmbH -

Morpho Cards GmbH -

d&b audiotechnik -

Peter Trachsel

Jaap Prickartz - "Tetra":

Richard Makepeace

Christian Noack - "Agile Methoden Consulting":

Hans Hansson

"Softhard Technology Ltd": - "product reviews":

Ximea -

TVtrip -

Korol & Velen Divorce Attorneys -

Max Lekomcev -

Adept Internet AS -

Poctos, Professional Services & Products -

InfoSol, Inc -

Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC -

Trans-IP Internet Services -

Law Offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich - -

Johnson Attorneys Group -

AlgaeCal -

GeoSynergy Pty Ltd -

Farar Law Group -

Lamber Goodnow -

Personal Injury Attorneys PLLC -

Power Rogers & Smith -

GreyLaw -

The Reeves Law Group -

Simon Resnik Hayes LLP -

Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman -

Best Injury Lawyers -

Northpark Dental -

Top Personal Injury Attorneys -

Owen, Patterson and Owen -

Farar Criminal Defense -

Staubli Sargans AG -

Fisher & Talwar, PLC -

Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles -

Genossenschaft Infolink -

LouisianaInjuryAttorneys -

David Van Sant -

Horn Law -

Texas Trucking Accident Attorneys -

Hunt Migration -

Lawo -

The Levin Firm -

Dolman Law Group -

Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. -

SchoolMatters Los Angeles -

Law Office of Steve Graham -

Chameleon John -

Baumgartner Lawyers -

Coupon Lawn -

Houston Home Security Judge -

Real Estate Academy Australia -

Nadrich & Cohen, LLP -

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers -

Chhabra Law Firm, PC -

DontPayFull -

Price Benowitz LLP, Maryland -

H&M Law Firm -

Joseph J. LoRusso, P.A. -

Potashnik & Associates -

The Law Offices of Joel J. Kofsky -

Best Reviews Hub - -

CPW Law -

Urban Ladder -

Travel Ticker -

Brian Zeiger -

The Rodriguez Law Group -

7 Binary Options -

The McClellan Law Firm -

CouponChloe -

Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC -

Binary Option Robot Info -

Kelly Law Team - -

Buy Now Signal -

Citywide Law Group -

Berenji & Associates -

Come2OrderDC -

My Apocalypse Survival -

Injury Trial Lawyers, APC -

Orlando IT Company - -

FirstKissFlowers -

Heer Law –

Psychic Gurus -

Joshua W. Glotzer, APC -

Top Bargains -

PromoCodeWatch -

Gordon and Doner -

STK Rahoitus Oy - http://www.lainanvälittäjä.fi

Bidet Toilet Seats -

Daily Fantasy Cafe - "Fanduel NFL lineup optimizer":

Trusted Binary Robots -

The Home Security Adviser -

Official Coupon Code -

El Dabe Law Firm -

Fernandez & Karney -

Clearview Women's Center - "Borderline Residential Treatment":

VPS Coupons -

Jerred Buys Dallas Houses -

Robinson & Associates -

Goldberg Weisman Cairo -

Sutliff & Stout -

Whitley Law Firm -

Money Metals Exchange -

Tragos Sartes & Tragos -

Goldberg Finnegan -

Greg Monforton -

Nye Law Group -

Phillips Law Group -


Schmidt Kramer -

Simien and Simien -

Stephens Anderson & Cummings -

Phillips Disability -

D'Amico & Pettinicchi -

Rozek Law Offices, SC -

Malman Law -

Tittle & Perlmuter -

The Beliz Law Firm -

Personal injury attorney in L.A. -

Goldberg & Osborne -

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen -

Mccoy & Hiestand PLC -

Raiser & Kenniff -

Hasbrook & Hasbrook -

Williams Law Group, LLC -

Dealslands UK -

Bisnar & Chase Los Angeles - -

Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith -

Preszler Injury Lawyers -

Arnold Law Firm -

Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. -

West Point Property Management Inc. -

Harlan Law, PC -

The Search Engine Guys -

Donich Law -

Personal Injury Lawyer GA - "Personal Injury Lawyer GA":

John K. Zaid & Associates, PLLC -

Criminal defence solicitors in London -

Emfurn -

Sabbeth Law -

Kostopoulos Law Group -

The Law Offices of Jerry J. Trevino -

Medler Law Firm LLC -

Halscott Megaro PA Orlando Criminal Attorneys -

h2. Bronze Donors ($100 and up)

Olivier Ferlin

Dale Woolridge

Patrick Vandenbrande

Kevin Aleman

Gitanjali Swamy

Mark Detrick

tau-tec GmbH

Alberto Andrea Denzler

VanNet Technology

Cyber Sprocket Labs

Aarm Corporation

Herbert Koelman

Olaaf Rossi

Michael König

Massimo Felicetta

EarMaster ApS

Purple Scout

RedminePro, an iOS client for Redmine

Kim Gjerstad

Paulo Bernardino

Max Lekomcev

Jean-Claude Wippler

Narihiro Nakamura

Michal Wojciechowski

GiBiLogic snc

Equi 4 Software

Martin Peth



CareSpeak Communications, Inc.

Ryosuke Hirai

Iris Schaer

Go Maeda

Hirai Ryosuke


h2. Other Donors

Trans-IP Internet Services, John Chufar, Flux=Rad Inc, Hosting Playground Inc., Stanislav German-Evtushenko, Kim Betti, Andrey Vorobyov, Stephen Hueners, Stavros Korokithakis, Kojiro Ito, Pisarenko Alexey, Michael Grinfeld, Alexandre Flament, Felix Kokocinski, Roger Pack, Robert Wetzlmayr, Okamoto Takahiro, DeltaQuest Imaging Inc., Peter Leonov, QW Logo, Kioma Aldecoa, Gael Marziou, R-Knowsys Technologies, Sander Datema, Mark Pascall, John Will, Tadeusz Zimirski, Stanislav German-Evtushenko, Beat Besmer, Tom Kugler, Dimitry Profus, David Mark, Jesús Espino García, Zoran Kikic, Stephen Hueners, Einars Lielmanis, iMn MicroControl Ltd., Tom Kugler, Emmanuel Rabot, Denis Kochurin, Moritz Voss, Max Lekomcev, Boris Alikhashkin, Gustavo Bertenasco, Antuan Shakhin, Stephan Esch, Andriy Voytenkov, Felix Kokocinski, Balachandra Tarodi, Dominik Fässler, Trans-IP Internet Services, Max Lekomcev, Serge Defever, Neil McFarlane, Michael Wangler, Marco Esposito, Sergey Stepanov, James Shannon, Ian De Fazio, Enmos Industrial Automation, Livia India Pvt. Ltd., Ziemowit Wolski, Cici Wirachmat, Роман Кузнецов, Dirceu de Oliveira Filho, Dario Brenzini, Annick Delsart, John Leach, Justin Khoo, David Mazzoni, Gleb Pereyaslavsky, Ryan R Bond, Roberto Toscani, LinuxSquad, Alessandro Cordero, Jelka Košir, Grzegorz Miklaszewski, Marcelo Soares Souza, Mael Le Guével, Alexey Rubanovskiy, Mindaugas Balciunas, Robert Pergl, Autocybermedia, RIL Partner AB, Alexandr Evlanov, Christopher Martin, Peanut Hosting, Pashkevich Dmitriy, Kato Kyoji, Andreas Ruppen, Lorenzo Forti, Francesco Vasco, Jamila Khan, Praveen Bhamidipati, Dmitriy Pashkevitch, Robert Wetzlmayr, Dan Goldston, Dmitriy Bykov, David Slepkow, Marvax Sl Jorge Maertinez, Robert Wetzlmayr, Bradley Kulkin, Daniel Branco, Federico Gonzalez Parra, Michael Schneider