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12:41 Redmine Patch #25154: Allow non-administrator users to copy certain projects
Duped by #18835


21:20 Redmine Feature #24277: Introducing Remaining Time field as method to track the remaining time to complet...
21:19 Redmine Feature #19102: Redmine doesnt scale with large amount of projects
Yes, performance is much better now. Still not as fast as with admin users though.


21:48 Redmine Open discussion: Ideas on how to handle Projects and Applications in RM
We use Redmine for tracking IT development projects as well handling bugs and smaller day-to-day fixes on existing ap...


12:38 Redmine Feature #9445: Add Issue custom fields of User-format to the cross-project issuelist filters
I believe this should be marked as a duplicate of #24769 which is resolved in 3.4.0
12:10 Redmine Defect #26892 (Confirmed): Link to user in wiki syntax only works when login is written in lower ...
Related: #4179
The plugin "Redmine Mentions" gives a handy dropdown with users when hitting "@" on the keyboard. S...


16:24 Redmine Feature #14217: issues view: only list relevant status in filter drop down
Dupe of #5385


19:52 Redmine Feature #19102: Redmine doesnt scale with large amount of projects
When member of a group that's in 600 projects (actually, member of one top project with 600 sub-projects with *...


21:05 Redmine Open discussion: What to use for tracking applications?
In addition to project management, we would like to use Redmine for keeping track of the applications (software) deli...


22:41 Redmine Patch #21944 (Closed): Bugfix: Hide custom field link values from being shown when value is empty
Custom fields of the type _link_ will be displayed on projects/issues even if their value is empty. Hence only a labe...

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