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19:28 Redmine Feature #29041: Update session token only once per minute
ping Marius BALTEANU


22:42 Redmine Defect #10551: Right click context menu for 1000 issues does not appear
The change should be simple, just change GET request to POST. I can make a patch if you want, but updating 1000 issue...
17:03 Redmine Defect #29719: [Receiving emails] Mail keep staying in my mail box and keep generating issues aft...
it looks like MailHandler#safe_receive returned false for some reason and the email was left on the server


16:03 Redmine Patch #29441: Remove code related to JRuby and unsupported Ruby versions
lower your expectations, TruffleRuby will definitely excel in numeric operations (micro-benchmarks), partial evaluati...


23:00 Redmine Feature #29443: Update mail gem (~> 2.7.1)
mail 2.7.1 was released


16:54 Redmine Patch #21608: Project#allowed_to_condition performance
Jérôme BATAILLE wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question about this patch, isn't it introducing a slight difference ?


20:30 Redmine Feature #29513: Redmine usability on Percona XtraDB cluster
interesting, have you managed to run redmine on galera with these changes?
here's a documentation about why are pr...


14:55 Redmine Patch #29406 (New): use sorted instead of sort
using an order statement should be more effective because records are sorted in the database.
issue priorities on ...


17:53 Redmine Patch #29359: Switch to mini_mime from mime-types
my results (ruby 2.5.0):
with the patch (mini_mime)...
13:18 Redmine Patch #29359: Switch to mini_mime from mime-types
29359-remove-known-types-hash.patch - .downcase shouldn't be removed, both EXTENSIONS[] and lookup_by_extension expec...

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