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15:10 Redmine Feature #27731 (New): Allow users to view and comment on their own issues, even if moved into a p...
In the Administration section you can say that "Non-Members" have the permission to view issues in projects they are ...


16:38 Redmine Defect #11304: Issue-class: status-1, status-2 etc. refer to status position instead of status id
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> Change done in r10078.
I've just run into the same issue. Had a look at r10078 and wo...


10:44 Redmine Help: How can I update time-tracking values after the user-mapping has changed?
I have just realised that the "spent time" field on one of my projects is "0.00 hours". I did however add time...


10:20 Redmine Feature #11709: "Issues assigned to me" ordering priority
Here's a slightly better version. It sorts by "score" first, then by status and last update time. Essentially it only...


14:42 Redmine Feature #11709: "Issues assigned to me" ordering priority
I just wanted to have this feature implemented myself.
This is what I came up with...
*NOTE:* This will most li...


10:58 Redmine Defect #3914: Version information displayed in Gantt chart regardeless of "Assigned to" field

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