David Demelier

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08:13 Redmine Help: RE: issue API limit not working
I've upgraded to 4.0 and the limit argument works now. However, I'm still limited to 25 at max. Is there a ...


13:31 Redmine Help: issue API limit not working
I'm trying to use the limit URL parameter in the Redmine issue listing API as following:
@curl -o issues...


09:52 Redmine Help: RE: submitting issue comments via email
I also would like to see a shorter syntax like "Re: #123", it would be easier to update issue from scm (e.g. patchbomb).


21:48 Redmine Help: Little problem with the port translation
Hi there
I installed redmine with success on my server, however I just have a little problem
As you can see her...

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