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20:38 Redmine Feature #28405 (New): Allow assigning issue to any user
Currently it's possible to assign issue only to project members (and original author of the issue). It would be helpf...


17:48 Redmine Feature #28328 (New): "Manage files" permission should be split to add and remove
Currently we only have following permission control over files (and I assume attachments)
* @View files@
* @Manage ...


19:29 Redmine Defect #28267 (New): New, empty repositories show white, 404 error page instead of the empty repo...
Previously, when @reposman.rb@ created an empty repository, navigating to @project/repository@ view yielded 404 error...


14:53 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Due date in e-mail notification
Sadly - no. Definitely would be helpful.


21:39 Redmine Feature #9347: Display simple dates/times for issues list
I just go annoyed with relative timestamps once again. It's only getting in the way without much value


10:18 Redmine Feature #19850 (New): Quote multiple comments
It would be very handy to have a field allowing to select multiple items/comments to include in the quote.


12:02 Redmine Help: RE: Command line access to files hosted in a private project?
Any idea how to handle it?


11:10 Redmine Feature #18472 (New): Due date and custom fileds in e-mail
Currently issue summary in e-mail has only basic fields. It would be great it if was possible to extend this ...


10:25 Redmine Open discussion: Due date in e-mail notification
Right now due date is only included in the email notification when it's changed and it's not listed in the list of fi...


14:41 Redmine Defect #16100 (New): reposman.rb - git repository without ".git" suffix
While this is not necessary it's a convention that bare git repositories should be suffixed with ".git". Could reposm...

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