Vincent Caron

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09:40 Redmine Feature #12844: Allow upper-case letters in project identifiers
The use case was one where we would synchronize a repository hierarchy (a Hg repository managed by RhodeCode to be mo...


14:32 Redmine Feature #11159: REST API for getting CustomField definitions
A patch for 'GET /custom_fields.xml' (without the filtering part) is available in #9664.
14:29 Redmine Feature #9664: CRUD operations for "custom field definitions" (not setting custom fields on issues!)
I have a patch which implement only the 'R' part, that is lists the available custom fields, for admin users (redmine...


11:02 Redmine Defect #14550 (Closed): Issue edition : accesskey="e" conflict between update link and textarea edit
I was wondering why the accesskey="e" was not working on /issues/:id and discovered that the issue_description textar...


15:16 Redmine Feature #13295 (New): Allow REST API to create objects with specific dates
I have to implement a software which moves issues, comments and files from a proprietary bugtracker to Redmine. Due t...


00:21 Redmine Defect #12472 (Closed): Roles REST API does not accept API authentication
While using the Roles REST API, I encountered a bogus issue with authentication while the global setting "Authenticat...


20:23 Redmine Feature #11755: Impersonate user through REST API auth
Thanks !
I remembered wondering if fetching a user with User.find_by_login() was handling the locked account case ...


23:41 Redmine Feature #11755: Impersonate user through REST API auth
> Is the parameter option really needed?
I don't think so, I simply mimicked the api_key implementation which prop...


22:48 Redmine Help: RE: How to update issue status/priority using Rest API?
Works for me with Redmine 2.0, my PUT payload is as suggested by Jean-Philippe :...


15:33 Redmine Feature #11755 (Closed): Impersonate user through REST API auth
The following patch implement a 'switch user' feature which lets an admin-level user impersonate any other user in th...

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