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17:50 Redmine Help: How to import project from old redmine server to new redmine server.
Hello Guys,
I have a redmine 2.4 running in a url and redmine 2.5 running in a different url. My new redmine has ...


18:04 Redmine Help: switch off the Timestamp columns during Migration from Mantis
Hello Everyone,
One more issue I have with migration is 'created on' & 'updated on' columns are auto generated wit...
18:02 Redmine Help: Importing Severity Field into Redmine from Mantis
Hello Everyone,
I am trying to import issues from Mantis and it is working successfully so far. However, Severity ...


16:25 Redmine Help: RE: Migration depuis Mantis 1.2.0a1 : Table 'mantis.mantis_project_category_table' doesn't ...
Follow the steps on website where the link is posted above and run the below migration script. It will...


21:19 Redmine Development: Trying to add filter on Activity page! So we can filter the activity page by user
I know we can click on User's link and see his activities but I want to add filter on the activity page. One line cod...


21:00 Redmine Development: In activity view, add a filter to filter the activity by user
In, activities/index.html.erb, page I've added a code to put a filter.
<%=select_tag :user, User.all %>
but tha...


15:21 Redmine Plugins: Any new "Ticket Grouping Plugin" that is compatible with Redmine 2.3, 2.4 or 2.5?
I've seen lot of Ticket grouping plugin but all of them are out-dated and doesnt support the current redmine version....


19:28 Redmine Help: Parent task In New Issue
How to pull only Features(Not Bugs) from Parent Task Field in New Issue Form.
*<%= javascript_tag "observeAutoco...


16:16 Redmine Help: New Issue Problems
Is there any way to assign every bug to a feature? and possibility of the search icon"Parent Task" in the “new issues...


17:14 Redmine Help: Add a new text field in user form
Hello everyone,
I have added one custom field into my user form. I am new to MVC. can anyone please tell me steps ...

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