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# Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
1712 Redmine Feature New add custom fields that are calculations of other fields 2023-09-27 12:57 Custom fields Actions
1739 Redmine Feature Reopened Add ability to change issue author 2023-05-09 02:28 Issues Actions
1615 Redmine Feature Closed Add a tie in to reviewboard 2019-11-10 06:36 Issues Actions
3912 Redmine Feature New Add support for AND's and OR's in search 2019-02-12 16:21 Search engine Actions
5487 Redmine Feature Closed Allow subtasks to cross projects 2018-08-16 17:41 Issues Actions
5577 Redmine Feature New Add Watcher based on issue category 2018-02-22 21:37 Issues Actions
1605 Redmine Feature Closed Activity page to remember user's selection of activities 2015-10-15 21:08 Activity view Actions
4637 Redmine Feature Closed add field description/instructions 2015-04-04 10:18 Custom fields Actions
4082 Redmine Feature New add ability to copy versions 2013-04-10 15:02 Roadmap Actions
6368 Redmine Feature Closed Create a syntax for links to comments 2012-05-03 08:02 Actions
4019 Redmine Feature New when bulk editing fields don't allow override of requirement to be completed required fields 2011-07-13 19:11 Issues Actions
5473 Redmine Defect Closed adding parent when cross project 2011-07-06 04:14 Issues Actions
4042 Redmine Feature New automatically select single option on drop down menues 2011-05-19 15:48 Project settings Actions
6369 Redmine Feature New Add custom format field type that is Resolvers 2010-09-12 06:51 Actions
6367 Redmine Feature New Shorten links to tickets in comments to #1234 format on save 2010-09-12 06:39 Actions
6206 Redmine Feature New All bulk updating of multiple choice lists 2010-08-25 08:13 Issues Actions
5576 Redmine Feature New Have Category searches work for subprojects 2010-05-23 21:13 Projects Actions
5453 Redmine Feature New Automatically add related issues when issue is entered in a comment field 2010-05-06 07:41 Issues Actions
5288 Redmine Defect Closed sql error for null root_ids in app/controllers/timelog_controller.rb 2010-04-12 19:17 Time tracking Actions
1755 Redmine Feature Closed add "blocked by" as a related issues option 2010-02-28 12:29 Issues Actions
4162 Redmine Feature New Allow static urls for searches 2009-11-03 21:39 Search engine Actions
4020 Redmine Feature Closed allow multiple select of issues in issue list with shift button 2009-10-26 18:42 Actions
1653 Redmine Feature Closed issue category lost when moving projects 2008-07-26 11:25 Issues Actions

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