Feature #35645

Updated by Mischa The Evil 10 months ago

Yesterday I started doing some development work on Redmine again. The first thing that I stumbled upon was that the 'View all issues' link in the issues sidebar was removed in r18304. Although I see the merit of its removal with #30294, it really annoys me not having that link available (to such an extend that I quickly created whipped up a "small plugin":/plugins/redmine_add_all_issues_link_in_issues_sidebar to restore it on the issues show view).
The reason for this annoyance is that it was the only way to clear the current, not-saved query straight from the issues show view without first going back to the issues index view and then subsequently clicking on the clear button. With the link on issues show it is possible to go back to the default issues list without the need of an additional click on the clear button to clear the in-memory query. All the other (currently available) links that go back to the issues index view (project menu and query links on the index show view) retain the current query.

So, to make a long story short, I'd like to request a reconsideration of the decision for to the removal of remove this link. This is also rooted in the fact that I think more (power) users will be/have been bitten by this change.

* I have no not problems with the move of the other links ('Summary' (summary and 'Import') import) to the drop-down menu. This request is just about the 'View all issues' link.
* I haven't looked into the changes of the 'Spent time' Spent time sidebar yet, but the points of the 'Issues sidebar' Issues sidebar might also apply to those views.
* If the removal decision is indeed reverted then it would be viable to subsequently also revert the addition of the clear query buttons added in #31640, as they would become be obsolete if with the 'View all issues' link is added back in.
* I am also ok if my request will would be declined. I'll then just keep using my plugin to restore the old situation...