Defect #36766

Updated by Marius BALTEANU 11 months ago

After import mysqldump from the old environment to get all the data and copy the files into the new environment and run
bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production I got te following error:

== 20090503121505 PopulateMemberRoles: migrating ==============================
rake aborted!
StandardError: An error has occurred, all later migrations canceled:

undefined method `inherit_members?' for #<Project:0x0000000005a426a8>
/opt/rh/rh-ruby25/root/usr/share/gems/gems/activemodel- `method_missing'
/data/redmine/sf-redmine_redmine-4.1.1/app/models/member_role.rb:72:in `block in add_role_to_subprojects'

Please see details in the attached file.

Redmine version 4.1.1.stable
Ruby version 2.5.9-p229 (2021-04-05) [x86_64-linux]
Rails version
Environment production
Database adapter Mysql2
Mailer queue ActiveJob::QueueAdapters::AsyncAdapter
Mailer delivery smtp
Subversion 1.7.14
Redmine plugins:
no plugin installed


MySQL Server version: 5.5.52 MySQL Community Server (GPL)


Old Environment Envirioment
Redmine 0.8.7.stable (MySQL)
Server version: 5.0.83-community-log MySQL Community Edition (GPL)