Defect #37268

Updated by Holger Just about 1 month ago

With r21646 especially this change:

<pre><code class="ruby">
"((#{sql}) AND (#{tracker_condition}) AND (#{project_condition}))"
</code></pre> &lt;/pre&gt;


<pre><code class="ruby">
"((#{sql}) AND (#{tracker_condition}) AND (#{project_condition}) AND (#{Issue.visible_condition(user)}))"
</code></pre> &lt;/pre&gt;

we got massive performance problems on issue list.

Some information to the system environment:

* Redmine 5.0.2 (for this issue I selected 5.0.1, because there is no 5.0.2 to select)
* Ruby 3.0.2
* PostgreSQL 14
* 150.000 issues
* 500 projects
* 40 custom fields for issues